“Do you ever feel so lonely? Eventough that you very happy when you around with your friends? Yeah, maybe I’m the one who felt it. I dont know why but recently I felt so empty. Huh, already a week that I’m doing something to keeping me so busy. I have so many friends, but I think I dont have it again. My friend now just music on soundclouds, game farmville on facebook, manga, film series of anime, a lot of dvd and a fake friends on twitter, they just need me when their were needed me. Now, I’m useless so they dont need me. Even my closest friends are too………….. busy with their work. I dont wanna to blame them but……….. nevermind. Until now, I even didnt have a bestfriend. I just need one or two friends that really understand me as a friend. Maybe, a BESTFRIEND just exist on the film. HAHA fuck that! i dont really believe about best friend forever it’s just on the comic, film and whatever. I just really upset about it. D:”

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