My Day, My Birthday

Thank you so much for Jesus who gives me one year again.. I am 15 years old now..
Today is my first day, I school again after holiday in Bali..
A lot of homeworks wait me to do..
I’m so lazy to do them, and I’m so lazy to school again..
It doesn’t mean I don’t want to school again, but the holiday is too short..
In my school some friends give greets to me, and I’m happy to it..
But some people who I hope will greet me, they don’t give greet anything..
My ‘someone’, a brother of my ‘someone’ and my old friends in past don’t give greet to me..
My ‘someone’ only give a greet in BBM group, when we meet in class he doesn’t say anything, he acts like not see me..
If I compare my birthday in this year and last year, my birthday in this year is so boring..
Some people forget about my birthday, my ‘someone’ acts like he doesn’t see me, I school and a lot of homework is in front of me..
Last year, one day before my birthday I was in football field, Remaja became third winner in POAJ (pekan olahraga antar jemaat), and that day I was so happy, some people I never thought will greet me, they greet me..
But this year nothing special I think..
Only some people who give me greets until I cry when I read the wishes..
Even I want to cry now, because my birthday I think is so boring and I am so disappointed with some people..
But I’m so thankful to Jesus to His grace to me.. I’m so proud to have Him.. My best best best best friend..


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